Thursday, February 18, 2010

Outfit Post: Thigh high

I love thigh high boots, here I'm wearing them with a Rodarte for Target leopard print lace dress (Love the bows on the back of the dress) and a vintage studded corset belt.
Many readers have asked me if they could pull off the thigh high boot trend if they're not model tall.. So I say: YES YOU CAN.I am only 5'6"!
To taking risks!


- F said...

Sooooo HOT

Anonymous said...

love it !where are those boots from? how tall are u btw?

Anonymous said...

scratch that just read ur post;p u are tall, i think anyone under 5'4 would have trouble wearing those;p


OMG! these Boots are killers ! fashionlicious . ..

Anonymous said...

Love loooove the boots, but I still think I can't pull them off. But where are you? :D Your last post is almost two months ago, there are people who enjoy your blog so give us a little something new pls! :D

Sara and Alia said...

Beautiful outfit!

Friend from Copley said...

Absolutely Stunning! Although you always look beautiful regardless of the clothes you wear.

How do they wear on the sled in the winter?

CLPig said...

love the look!
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