Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pin me tights

One of my favorite accessories trends for dot tights! It's been all the rage on the Fall runways and fashion mags. I'm getting a head start on this trend since we've been having a somewhat mild/chilly summer this year.
ps: I'm planning on doing an outfit post of them very soon!

Because dots never looked sooo fetch <3

Paris Vogue August 09

Anja Rubik in Paris Vogue May 09

Vogue US August 09

Balenciaga Fall 09 looks

Victoria's Secret pin dot thights *have them, absolutely love them and they are only $18!!!!


ryder said...


new trend

great observation


U got an exquisite taste dear. . . . wish all girls would follow ur trend

Luxurina said...

Ryder-Thanks for ur comment :)

Indestructible- awww thank u soo much *blush

Beth said...

I was thinking the same thing!
Lol they kept on popping up in Vogue, think I will have to find myself a pair ;)
Wonder if Topshop does any...
Great post!
Beth xx

Luxurina said...

Hi Beth!
I got mine at Victoria's secret for $18