Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Desert Fox

Fab editorial in the June issue of Elle UK. Steamy yet sophisticated.
On a different note..I wasn't a big fan of the Gucci strap platform sandals when they first came out but I must say they are growing on me lately.

Here's to turning up the heat one degree at a time!


Bahrain Fashion said...

I'm loving the third pic.. beautiful!

Karla said...

Like your blog! Lovely!

Luxurina said...

BF- Ya the 2nd and 3rd pic are my favorites.

Karla-Thanks for stopping by


siempre m han gustado este tipo de imagenes

Marina, Chloé et Andy said...

amazing... everything's great talking about summer, we needed IT !!!

Lovely blog...

Love from Barcelona


Hasta la vista, Mademoiselle