Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trend Alert

Rejoice my dahhhhhh-lings! The over-the-knee/thigh high boot trend that started last winter is still in for FW09/10..I'm so excited I can't wait to rock it!

Cheers to thigh high boots with sky high heels!


Fastidious Babe said...

we just had a VERY hot day here in Dubai.. so its hard to think of boots and winter trends just yet xD loved the vuittons! x

Luxurina said...

Haha..I'm jealous..It's been raining here this whole week ;(

mosha said...
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mosha said...

the second LVs are beyond hot!

Even Sweeter said...

Hot hot hot!!

totally love it

to thigh high boots

visionaire said...

kudos to anyone who can pull these off!

Luxurina said...

Mosha- I agree they are to die for. Thanks for following ;).

Even sweeter- Totally! to high high boots ;)

Visionaire- Thanks for stopping by. I agree, u can easily go from chic to tramp if you don't wear this trend correctly!