Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Style Crush: Whitney Port

I think reality TV is pretty lame since it's all scripted. However, I still watch MTV's The City RELIGIOUSLY! Whitney was my favorite on the Hills (another guilty pleasure I'm embarrassed to admit to)

Whitney is gorgeous au naturel, and her legs go for miles! I should also mention that she has her clothing line appropriately named Whitney Eve.


Anonymous said...

ooh i LOVE whitney's style .. but she drives me crazy with her fake worries and stuff on the city! .. its just another " hills" and im over them both !

meanwhile ... hi luxurina! , i couldnt find your email on your blog but i need a favor ... please get back at me xoxo

Luxurina said...

LOL..I know but I still tune in..go figure..lol

You can email me at luxurina111@yahoo.com (I also made my email visible)

stefaniarocks said...

Love her!!
In Italy The City doesn't exist, the Hills is not famous, so I watch the episodes on MTV!!
I absolutely love her, her style, her legs, her hair!!

Luxurina said...

Ciao Bella
I know gotta love full episodes on MTV. Thanks for stopping by!

Sweet Nothings said...

Yeah, I like whit. We just did a look of the week post two weeks ago on Olivia's style..I love her classic uptown style also!