Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Coup de coeur

So I'm already thinking about spring and me if you lived in below zero winter weather like me you would be doing the same! So anyways, I've been browsing through the resort collection of various designers and I just fell in love with, dare I say? an espadrille!There, I said it..I know, I don't even like espadrilles..but these are so different, they speak to me, and I'm already picturing us together strolling somewhere in the French Riviera.

These awesome shoes are Gucci. They are called Venere and will set you back around $775. I really developed a love/hate relationship with Gucci since Tom Ford left. His replacement Frida Gianini puzzles me..Sometimes she comes up with something soooooooo great like this shoe, or the Hysteria bag, or the babouska studded boots..but then sometimes she really comes up with something atrocious and the tattoo heart collection and I think it's best if I stop there.

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