Sunday, November 2, 2008

DIY-Studded Converse

I have been pretty crafty lately, studding and shredding ALMOST everything in my closet and I only have fashiontoast and childhoodflames to blame for my addiction..I saw these studded converse on free and decided to do my own and save some money..We're in a recession after all


clairegrenade said...

viva la DIY!

Anonymous said...

love them :OOOO!!

fashionchronicles said...

heeey, loved your site !
so did you stud your converse?? post a picture so we can see it!!

Luxurina said...

I'm still working on them..I've got one foot done..I'll post pics soon..Thanks for stopping by!

Ice Creem Dreem said...

Hey! Great site ya got here :)
I say make em for sure!

I just did a studded Converse DIY, check it out over on my blog here: