Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who's your daddy?

The Billionaires of the world have found a new hobby at last: Fashion labels for their gorgeous girlfriends.

Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich (I believe ALL of you know who he is, unless you've been living underneath an iceberg in Antarctica)has found some free time- in between building the world's biggest megayacht and topping Esquire and Vanity Fair's list of most influential men- to open an Art gallery for his girlfriend Dasha Zhukova. This is not the first time Abramovich rolls in the cash for Zhukova. In fact he is rumored to have financed her Kova & t clothing line(Love the oxy latex leggings)

Which brings me to Georgina Chapman co-designer of recent power design house Marchesa(Love love love their dresses) and her now husband movie mogul and producer Harvey Weinstein. A lot of controversy has been surrounding the label due to its overnight popularity with Hollywood A listers, especially actresses. Many speculate that Weinstein had more to do with the success of the label than just being the cash cow.

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